Why You Need a Coach

With the right coaching, reaching your goal is easier than ever. I started in the fitness industry in early 2003. The game has changed significantly in that time period. Atkins diet is now the Paelo diet, functional training is now CrossFit and we are beyond programming workouts, we are now truly coaching people. Coaching has made a difference in my life and many of our clients.

On September 27th, 2019 I hired my first business coach. As a longtime listener of “Two Brain Radio,” I had heard and applied some of the free coaching information they were giving out. I had signed up for mentoring earlier that spring, but my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had to change my focus. On that day in September, I was sitting in the chemotherapy treatment center with my lovely wife, waiting for her final treatment. I had been contemplating signing up for the Two Brain Business mentorship program. Asking for help is something I’m not used to doing.

Business Coaching

The incubator program was a 12-week sprint and it was demanding. But, by February the staff was more focused and we were working hard on the business. Then March 18th, 2020 came and we were forced to shut down due to the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19. With insight from Two Brain Business, I knew the inevitable was coming. We were ready and we transitioned most of our clients to online training the very next day. We had spent 4 years preparing our database of videos and exercises. Our coaches also received an online workshop on best practices for online training. With the help of my business coach, we were prepared.

More Coaching

Receiving high-level coaching was starting to transform my life. I had also hired a strength coach from my gym. Coach Craig and I sat down and went through a strategy session and we developed a plan together. I started to gain more consistency in my workout schedule, something I have always struggled with. With this consistency, I started to see changes in my body and my mental space.

In December of 2019, I also hired a bike skills coach. I had some lofty goals for 2020 so coach Damian Calvert was the man to call. In just a few weeks, I started to see PR’s obtained on every ride, just by learning how to control my bike more. My bike has been my outlet for a long time, now learning to ride it safer and more efficient was amazing!

Nutrition Coaching

The missing piece to my overall program was nutrition. I knew I had to make a change, so I brought on one of the best in the business. Jessika Brown, is a long time dietitian and a friend for many years. Using her Fuel Plan helped me develop a relationship with food. For many years I thought I could exercise my way to losing weight. By implementing a simple nutrition plan that had me think about how I feel when I eat, rather than kicking myself for eating the wrong things. It was a total change in what I learned from the media. Now, 20 lbs lighter I can see the full maturation of my relationship with food.

I am that person that thinks I can do everything by myself. I was reluctant to let people help me due to my perfectionism. But after allowing more freedom, I gained more time. This was all due to receiving great coaching and following their advice.

Helping Others

Now as a coach, I have decided to coach my staff to help them improve their individual skills as well as help them grow. Sometimes it takes a few key moments in life to realize there is more than can be accomplished. I learned it is not by doing more, but by hiring the right people to have in your corner so more can be done. I have a talented staff that is eager to learn and improve their skills. This open-mindedness will forever be a trait that can carry you beyond your current situation. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get stronger, ride a bike faster, improve your business, etc. Hiring a coach or multiple coaches will take you to places you never thought existed. 

If you would like to get help to get you over the hurdle, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you succeed!




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