On Ramp Intro Packages

After your strategy session you’re now ready to move into our On-Ramp and experience our services. Before you commit to a membership we want to take you through a journey to find the plan that best fits your needs. No Contract so can you can feel at ease.

Private Training

Private training is the best option for someone who prefers to be coached in a 1-on-1 environment. This option has the most flexibility and is tailored to someone with a busy schedule. Whether you are a professional athlete, business professional or someone who is constantly on the go, this program is for you. You will be assigned a certified strength and conditioning coach that will help you achieve whatever fitness goal you desire. With our personalized workouts and community atmosphere, you will be on your way to realizing your goal.

Partner Training

Partner Training is for those that want the exclusivity of private training paired with a motivated training partner. Good things always happen in two making this the perfect fit for couples, siblings, and friends. Every partner will push each other to become the best YOU and work towards reaching your individual fitness goals. There is no stopping two motivated individuals, so whether you are a “dynamic duo” or even “Batman and Robin” we want you to join us.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is for those who like working with partners and friends. This option is tailored for those who want to experience a group atmosphere and at the same time, get the proper coaching from a certified trainer. Small Group Training typically ranges from 2-4 athletes with one trainer. Whether you are friends, siblings, coworkers, husband-wife tandems, or someone that wants to train with others, this option is for you! Small Group Training is our most popular coaching package and is more cost-effective than 1-on-1 and partner training.


Classes designed for the everyday athlete to improve fitness, strength and endurance in a variety of ways. Coaches systematically approach each training day with a focus on total-body strength training. Whether you’re competing full time or just looking to get in shape, these classes are for you.


Focused on restorative movement and recovery. Each class incorporates a combination of ground based movement, soft tissue release, and functional mobility. This focused recovery class will leave feeling like a million bucks. Attending our Move classes regularly is a sound investment towards longevity and will contribute to sustainable long-term progress.


At Performance Ranch, our goal is to provide fitness solutions for every budget level. Our membership options start at $150/ month! Learn more about our membership and pricing options below.

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