What’s All the Hype On Indoor Cycling

You have probably seen the commercials of people working out at home on their Indoor bikes. With the instructors encouraging them to push harder and harder. For years I was not a believer in the Peloton program. I repeatedly held my wife off from purchasing a Peloton Bike since I believed it was not worth the cost. But after her bout with breast cancer in 2019 and her 39th birthday, she rewarded herself with a new Peloton Bike. I was happy that she purchased the bike as it became the hub of my training during the pandemic. I discovered that Peloton had a Power Zone program that solved some of my intensity monitoring issues while riding outdoors.

I have been a firm believer in power training for many years in my coaching and training. Unfortunately, my mountain bike does not have a power meter. Therefore, I could not get the full benefit of power training while riding outside. Using the Peloton bike power program was a great way to get the benefits of using power while riding indoors. Having a consistent measurement of power allows for continued monitoring to see if progression is occurring. Power is a measurement of how much work you do. Bicycling magazine defines “power as the rate at which energy is used (energy over time) and is measured in watts. In cycling, energy is expressed in terms of work. It’s a constant snapshot of your work rate at any given moment.”

Power Rules

Measuring power is more precise than heart rate. They both do a good job at objectively giving you a measurement of work and converting it into caloric expenditure. Measuring power allows you to monitor the energy used to perform the workout. This work measurement is in kilojoules, and Peloton uses this as your output score. Your output score is based on your average watts over the duration of the ride, which Peloton uses to award records and points. This is a fantastic way to keep people encouraged and to push harder.

The Peloton bike was a fantastic tool for me to gain motivation. And, the Peloton program led me to get outside and ride more. But after a summer of riding outside with no power and spontaneous Peloton rides, I needed more focus. I wanted a more data-driven program for my unique endurance goals. Having been a listener of the TrainerRoad podcast, I knew I needed a scientifically backed program for my goals. I started using TrainerRoad in September of 2020. I was able to create a program for myself very easily using their plan builder option in my account.

Unsure of the state of the world and competitions last year, I just worked on increasing my threshold. Within 7 months of somewhat consistent training, I increased my threshold by 8%. I had some life interferences such as developing a case of the shingles, the holidays, and our second gym closure during this time. But overall it was good to have some structure to keep me consistently training.

Consistency is #1

I have said it many times in the past, “consistency trumps all.” If you have a program that you will stick to, you will see results. Working with a coach can help you find the consistency you are looking for. Many of our clients come to us for accountability. We know, if you are accountable to someone, you are more likely to achieve your goals. We oftentimes incorporate other training options into your overall program. Whether you choose to ride your bike outside or you have an indoor bike at home. You could also use other modalities such as hiking or running. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you enjoy it. We can help guide you to find balance in your training.

If you need help with consistency or developing a program to get you to the next step. Just send us a message and we would love to help you. I hope this helps you find balance in your life and get you to the next step of achieving your goals!




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