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Social Media Detox

A few months ago I decided to put my phone down in the evenings and reconnect with my life. I felt that the constant scrolling through Instagram posts and seeing what other people were doing was stealing my attention and my time from my family. Time is the most precious thing we have, and we can never get it back. 

Fortunately, we can control how we spend our time. This is not an article bashing social media, it’s more awareness of how it occupies our time. Many good things come from social media, and the ability to know what is going on around the world with a quick search is phenomenal. Just 30 years ago, we had to wait for the evening news or the morning paper to maybe see a brief glimpse of what is happening in our world. Nowadays you can see a tweet or a post and instantly know someone’s version of what is happening 10,000 miles away. 

Alternatives to Social Media

The time suck of social media can occupy precious time that can be better spent on living our own life. Here is an article and video giving you recommendations on how to do a social media detox, 9 reasons to do a social media detox. Simply detaching from your phone for an hour or two a day can work wonders in your life.

Doing a detox does not have to be all or nothing, just like anything we do, moderation is best. Simply changing the habit of reaching for your phone when you feel “bored” and scrolling through someone else’s life can work wonders in your own life. I noticed myself becoming more aware at the park when I was playing with my daughter. I had the habit of looking at my phone while she was playing on the equipment. Now, I hang on the monkey bars or play lava monster chasing while chasing her around the equipment. 

Honor Relationships

Some other alternatives to social media can be calling a friend and having a conversation. Maybe you’re in a place where you can’t talk, send your friends or family member a quick text and let them know how much they mean to you. This is from last week’s article, “Attitude of Gratitude.” Try engaging with your family or friends instead of staring at your screen when you are around each other. This is precious time that can be spent learning about each other. 

Learn Something New

Another alternative is to try learning something new or enhance something you are interested in. Reading a book or an article or if you prefer listening there are great podcasts and audiobooks out there. Expanding your mind with knowledge on something you want to learn is time gained when you actually want to do it. I prefer to listen to podcasts so that I can gain information to relay to my staff and members of the Performance Ranch. This is how the 10 daily habits article started. 

Here is a list of podcasts I frequently listen to.

  1. TrainerRoad – Cycling/Endurance Sport Podcast
  2. Fuel Her Awesome – Jessika Brown, RD, CSSD – our dietitian we work with. Great information on nutrition and health 
  3. The Ready State – Peak Physical Readiness – Kelly Starrett

Audiobooks on Audible is another great resource to gather information from. Most books you don’t have time to read are available on the Audible app. Some of you may prefer the physical copy to read, this is where Kindle and iBooks come in handy. 


Another alternative that I have found great benefits from is muscle recovery work. I spend 30-45 minutes daily on foam rolling, stretching and mobility work. Check out the morning routine from a few weeks ago. 

There are many alternatives to social media, find something you like and give it try. Remember, this does not have to be an all or nothing approach. Take your time and just recognize the time you do spend on social media can be taking away from time building meaningful relationships. 

I hope this helps and you are seeing benefits from the 10 daily habits series. 
Until next week. Lawrence Herrera


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