Play the Long Game

We live in a world of instant gratification and we expect immediate results. I know, I am very guilty of putting in a little effort and expecting big changes. It was not too long ago that I decided to truly take my health, fitness, nutrition, and mental landscape seriously. I decided to invest in coaches that would help me get to my goals.  

I first started with some changes to my fitness routine. Over the years, I was guilty of doing the same workouts over and over again. Sound familiar?

It was time to sit down with my coach for a strategy session. During this session, we discussed what it was going to take to make some changes. My number one goal was to stay consistent. I can now look back at the last two years and trace my path to where I am now. It is very easy to have great intentions of reaching our goals but to truly appreciate the changes you must look back to see the path you left behind. There were many steps forward and of course, many steps backward, sideways, and in circles. But as long as I got back on track those missteps were learning points to build on. 

And like most of us, time is still the biggest challenge. We have a million things to do and little time to do it.

Long Game To Do List

  1. Daily Mobility Work – I have worked on my problem areas almost every day. My ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders have always been an issue for me. It was not until I paid attention to those areas that I made progress to move better.
  2. 10,000 steps a day – I strive for 10,000 steps every day. Hippocrates stated “Walking is medicine,” and research has proven it. It does so much more than just movement. 
  3. Structured conditioning plans – Over the last 2 years I have used TrainerRoad to help me with my bike fitness. This online platform allows me to setup my schedule, input my goals and they deliver workouts to my device or my Garmin headunit. The flexibility of training inside or outdoors helps me stay consistent. 
  4. It’s not a diet – I have said this many times before, DIETS DON’T WORK! But changing your nutritional habits do work. I decided to replace beer with sparkling water, eat more veggies, and have protein every meal/snack I eat. Those 3 habits changed my life.
  5. Meditate and Pray everyday – This takes me 15 minutes a day. And I notice when I don’t do this, my day does not have a guiding light. I have to constantly remind myself why I am here. What is my purpose in life. My guiding principles are the Performance Ranch’s Mission Statement
    1. “Empower you to “Live Life Beyond the Gym Walls.” We help you change your life from the inside out and rise above the status quo!” 
  6. Doing something active with friends and family – I try to lead from the front and make it point to get my children involved in fun activities. We get lessons and classes in the activities they enjoy so they have more fun doing it. I also try to setup group activities when weather and time permit. Over the last few years, our “Rowdy Ranchero Rides” have been a blast. 

Athlete Centered Approach

  1. Move
  2. Eat
  3. Recover
  4. Manage 
  5. Community 

You can play the long game of life by implementing small changes that will ultimately get you to the big change you are looking for. Our athlete-centered approach will help you focus on what’s important now so we can coach you to make the necessary changes to get you to the next step. Focus on the long game.

If you want more information about our program, please email me at I would love to sit down with you and help you get started!




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