All Those Wonderful Stickers

If you have been into the Performance Ranch lately, you have noticed the upgrades we have done. We had local artist Dylan Zinn paint our Sandia Mountain Milestone Wall. We also freshly painted the gym, we added our Vision, Mission, and Values to the gym walls. We created a new Transformation Center to help change your life. Also, our “Live Life Beyond the Gym Wall,” will be up soon to share our client’s journeys living life.  

As you walk by the Milestone Wall, you have seen some cool-looking stickers stuck to the wall. Here is how to earn those marvelous stickers and be recognized for your efforts. We have broken each milestone into our “Athlete-centered Approach” cornerstones.


Improve your FMS Score: 

When you first started training at the Performance Ranch we took you through a thorough Functional Movement Screen. This screen allows us to see how proficient you move and it gives us a starting place for your program. After a few months, you have probably noticed your body starting to do things a little easier. First off, congratulations! It takes dedication and consistency to make those changes. We want to measure the progress you have made so far and we will compare it to your previous results. 

Completed 100 Workouts: 

Congratulations, you have been consistent for several months. You have probably made some big changes in your life and built better habits. Our workouts not only make you stronger but they feed your soul with confidence. 

These workouts are tracked via our TrainHeroic App. When you “Start a Workout” you should fill out the Readiness Questionnaire and proceed to fill in and check off your “Circuits” and “Exercises.” In the end, REMEMBER to select “Done” and rate the intensity level. This allows your coaches to see how hard you were pushed and if we should make adjustments. 

Completed On-Ramp: 

Beginning in early 2020, our new members started with us through our On-Ramp Program. This program is designed to confidently introduce you to the Performance Ranch Training System and help you ease into small group training. This program has been very successful for our beginning members. Complete this program and earn your sticker for success. 

Energy System Improvement:

Your energy system is your gas tank. All of those conditioning finishers, capacity circuits, and outside homework are contributing to helping you improve your conditioning. At the Performance Ranch, we go the extra step and truly measure your fitness level. Depending on your starting fitness we make sure you are ready for one of our fitness tests. When we reassess you after a few months of consistent training your improvement will earn you a sticker. 

Master of Movement:

The Performance Ranch has high standards of movement quality, that is why your coach is always in your ear about your posture, alignment, and movement quality. Our programming is based on 7 basic human movements. Squat, Hip Hinge, Push, Pull, Carry, and Run/Walk. If you do this to our standards you earn the pin.

Consistency Wins:

We know to truly make a change and get closer to your goals you need to be consistent. If you’re consistent you will see results. You and your coach have developed a plan to get you to the next step of your journey. In order for us to track your training consistency, we use the TrainHeroic Training app. 

To track your workout you must select “Start Workout” from the TrainHeroic app. Next, fill out the Readiness Questionnaire and proceed to fill in and check off your “Circuits” and “Exercises.” At the end, REMEMBER to select “Done” and rate the intensity level. This allows your coaches to see how hard you were pushed and if we should make adjustments. You have now completed a workout, do this consistently over 90 days and earn your sticker. 


Fuel Plan Tracking

Our Nutrition Fuel Plan was created by Registered Dietitian Jessika Brown. As one of the only Certified Sports Science Dietitians in New Mexico, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the nutrition table. We know the only way to make lasting changes to your overall health starts with nutrition. It is proven that tracking what you eat, how you feel after you eat, your overall energy level, and your bowel movement will make lasting impressions on your journey. The Fuel Plan App is the platform we helped create to make tracking easier. By consistently tracking for 30 days, you will start to notice changes in your energy, mood, and overall well-being. You will also earn an awesome sticker for your consistency!

Online Nutrition Class

We created an online nutrition class to give you a head start in your nutrition journey. This class is broken down into 12 learning modules: 

  1. Plate Method
  2. SMART Goals
  3. Sick – Wellness – Fitness
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Protein
  6. Fat
  7. Eating on the Go
  8. Meal Prep
  9. Sleep
  10. Exercise
  11. Stress 
  12. Supplements / Fad Diets / Everything Else

Complete each module, Learn how to change your habits, Earn a cool sticker!


Ready to Work

Are you ready to perform at your optimal level? Sleep, Mood, Energy, Stress, and Soreness are key indicators we use to assess your readiness. By filling out the TrainHeroic survey before you begin training we will start to relate your readiness to your training performance. The more you check in with yourself, the more aware you are of what is making the difference. Log consistently for 90 days and earn your Ready to Work sticker. 

Sleep Champion

Sure we know sleep is good. But how much sleep do you need? Are you going to bed at the right time based on your circadian rhythm? Are you staying asleep? What are you doing to prepare for a goodnight’s sleep? How close are you eating before bed? These questions and many more like it are something you should ask yourself. Take this WebMD Quiz to find out more about your sleep. Send a screenshot of your results to our Customer Success Manager at 505-405-3599. 

If you’re the rare client that has their sleep on point then earn a pin, if not, no worries. Now it is time to develop a healthy sleep routine, as well as get your restful ZZZs. Here are 7 ways to improve your sleep. Retake the WebMD quiz after 90 days and send your updated results. Your improvement will earn you a Sleep Champion sticker. 


Gratitude Journal

Gratitude has been shown to enhance your overall happiness and the happiness of those around you. When you are truly grateful for what you have in your life, you start to see the ripple effects in everything we do. Since early 2020, I have used the Calm app to help guide me in my mental health journey. Download the Free Gratitude Journal from Calm and see the difference you can make in the world. Complete all 30 days of journaling, show your coach, and earn your pin! Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Mindfulness Practice

Training is not just about physical fitness, it also includes your mental fitness. At the Performance Ranch, we know to reach your optimal potential you need to focus on your body as well as your mind. Just like your body, training your mind takes time, practice, and consistency. 

“When we train our mind, we can tap this immense  potential to experience greater  courage, confidence, composure, clarity, and creativity,  the 5 Cs of mental strength we need to cultivate  happier, healthier, and more rewarding lives (Calm, Mental Fitness Training Guide, 2022).”

Complete the 4-week Intentions Journal on the Calm website. Show your coach, have discussions, get your mind right and earn a sticker. 


Helping Others

When we are helping others, we are living a purposeful life. Helping others is contagious and inspires others to do the same. We believe in a “lead from the front” mentality and we want to be the change we want to see in our community. Earn this sticker by helping others, let us know what you are doing in the community, and get your sticker. 

Stronger Together

At the Performance Ranch, we believe that community is our best asset. We encourage our members to attend our community events. At these events, you will learn more about the Performance Ranch, meet other members, and create your gym home. Attend 3 of our events and earn your sticker!

Bright Spot

At the Performance Ranch, we believe in celebrating YOU! You put in a lot of hard work to be consistent and create new habits. We want to let you know we are proud of you. 

To earn this sticker, you and your coach will establish goals. As you work towards your goals you will start to notice changes in your physical self, your mental game, and your confidence. We want to know about those changes and celebrate your efforts. We also want to know when you crush your goals, this is why you wake up in the morning!

When you earn this sticker, we will celebrate you on our weekly bright spot post through our social media outlets (with your permission). You will also receive a PR Water Bottle to start mounting your stickers too. 

Live Life Beyond the Gym Walls

This is why the Performance Ranch was created. We want you to experience life and enjoy the activities you love. Whether that means hiking our local mountains, going on an epic mountain bike ride, skiing the backcountry, playing with your kids at the park, or participating in activities you miss. We are here to get you stronger and capable of accomplishing goals you never thought possible! 

Earn your “Live Life Beyond the Gym Walls” sticker by sending us a picture of you doing amazing things. We will celebrate you and mount your picture on your “Live Life Beyond the Gym Wall.”




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