5 Simple Steps to Start an Exercise Program

Have you been thinking about starting an exercise program? You’re not alone, in the last 6 months we have seen more clients walk into the Performance Ranch seeking to get started in an exercise program. Most of our new clients are either first-time exercise goers or have taken a couple years off and are wanting to jump back in. Does this sound like you?

If this is something that interests you, then keep reading. I am going to discuss 5 simple steps to get back to exercising and regain your health and fitness. 

What To Do

  1. Set Goals! I have said this more often than not, if you set a goal you are more likely to achieve it. You become more motivated to achieve your goal as you get closer to it. Knowing this, I periodically set mountain biking event goals so I have something to train for and keep pushing myself to improve. Staying motivated is challenging, so give yourself a little leeway to mess up, just get back in the saddle ASAP so you don’t start the downward spiral. 
  2. Assess your starting point. At the Performance Ranch, every new client get assessed and we periodically assess as the client progresses through our program. We start everyone with Functional Movement Screen so we know where to begin their training program. We also assess cardiovascular fitness with several methods suited for the client. Read more about our process HERE
    1. The easiest way to assess yourself is to try to touch your toes, if you can’t watch THIS. Then try to squat, if that is challenging watch THIS. Work on these two fundamental movements and your body will thank you. 
    2. Next do something cardiovascular for 5 minutes. Make note of your heart rate if you have a heart rate monitor. Also, track your distance you can complete in that 5 minute time. This is a great starting point for your cardiovascular fitness. Now you have something to compare after 4 weeks of consistent training. 
  3. Take inventory of your equipment. Now it’s time to look at what you have access to. Do you have some elastic bands that having been collecting dust over the years? Or do you just have your own bodyweight. Don’t fret if you don’t have a full home gym outfitted with all the latest equipment and a Peloton bike. You can get a lot done with simple body weight exercises as well as the use of cheap elastic bands. 
    1. Think movements, not muscles. You want to train your body to move better so it feels better. At the Performance Ranch, we have our clients work on 6 fundamental movements. Check them out HERE
  4. Just Push Start! I say this to myself a couple of times per week, because there are many days I don’t feel like working out. For me, if I don’t get a workout in sometime in the morning, the likelihood of me completing it is reduced. Just press start, is a statement I use when I press “Start” on my Garmin activity watch. I track every workout via my Garmin watch and the action of pressing start is signaling to my brain it’s time to work. Come up with your own mantra to get you moving and start on your own fitness journey. 
    1. You can also tell yourself you’re going to start your warm up and see what happens. More often than not, that 10 minute warm up turns into a workout. You release endorphins as your body starts to move. Feeling good is one of the benefits of working out.
  5. Track your progress. This is why you assessed yourself before you starting working out. Can you squat better now? How about touching your toes? Are you covering more distance in 5 minutes? These simple fitness tests allow you to see progress. We use movements and other fitness tests, because sometimes stepping on the scale and looking only at weight can be deceiving. We have several clients have the scale not budge, yet they had to purchase new clothes due to the bodyfat they have lost and the muscle they have gained. Does that sound like something you want to achieve?

I hope this helps you start moving again and reach your goals. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@theperformanceranch.com and we will help you get started on the right foot. 




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