Why I Hired a Strength Coach

I have been in the fitness industry since 2003 and I have been apart of 1000’s of successful fitness journeys. I have seen people gain the confidence and strength to do the activities they love. I have seen athletes win state, national and world titles in their respective sports. I have presented on fitness topics around the country to many top coaches in the fitness industry. The common thread amongst all the success stories is commitment and consistency. After opening the Performance Ranch, I noticed my strength declining and my body fat climbing.

We purchased the Inbody scale in early 2019 and after stepping on it for the first time I saw my body fat was 20%. That’s not a bad number, but for a fitness professional, I knew I should be lower. I committed to training on the bike more often and I told myself I would strength train a couple of times a week. Well life happened, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2019 and priorities dramatically changed.

My wife and I spent countless hours in doctor’s offices, hospitals, treatment centers and at home recovering from her treatments. My escape was my mountain bike and I made it a point to get on it a few times a week, whether it was outside (which I prefer) or in our spare bedroom where I had the Wahoo KCKR setup. Her treatment plan was successful and she is officially cancer-free as of late November 2019. Thank God for modern medicine, research and all the time and effort everyone has put into beating this disease.

After witnessing her fight, she inspired me to be healthier. Drink a little less beer, eat a little less processed food and sugary snacks. These are my pitfalls and something that I have always struggled with. Her healthy habits kept her strong and made her the woman she is today. It was time for me to get a hold of my health. I hired one of my coaches, coach Craig to strength train me 2x/week.

I sat down with Craig for a strategy session in early November and we discussed my goals for 2020 in regards to my mountain biking but also talked about why I wanted to train. I know I could easily do this myself I told him, but having the accountability and financial responsibility will make me commit. I did not want to deal with programming so we came up with a plan to get me to my optimal level for race season. We prioritized a fit and functional body for the long haul. Mountain biking is a physically demanding sport and I need to be resilient to crashing (it happens to everyone 😉).

I have struggled with hip and lower leg pain for the last several years. I know it spikes when my volume on the bike increases as well as the time in my office chair or my truck. But when I strength train and participate in an active recovery routine the pain is very minimal and most of the time non-existent. Currently, I have been consistently training for 3 weeks and my pain has dramatically decreased. It is still present, we have had 3 solid weekends of traveling for the holiday, education trip and currently, I’m on a plane to NYC.

As I sit in the small Southwest Airlines seat, I noticed that my foot is not asleep, it typically falls asleep due to the tight right hip. I am focusing on posture and I feel significantly better. My wife and I have been looking forward to this trip for several months. This is our reward for beating cancer as well as committing to each other more.

Stay tuned as I continually write in this blog. I want to discuss my journey and I would love to hear your story and how you have made health improvements and what you are doing to overcome your challenges.




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